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The Hidden Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Carpet cleaning 

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There is definitely something special about having clean, fresh and vibrant carpets at your residential or commercial property. As a matter of fact, a clean and fresh carpet can help you feel better as well as give your guests or even all people living in the home feel more comfortable and at ease. Furthermore, cleaning your carpets on your own might have been an idea that you have already thought about before. 

 Carpet Cleaning

After all, there are a lot of advertisements saying that you can hire professional tools and equipment and the end result is the same with hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. You may then come into a conclusion that you can be able to deep clean your carpet on your own and save money as well.   

Therefore, off you go to a DIY store and rent a machine with detergents. After that, you get them in your car and go home for some action. After a very tiring day, emptying, slogging away and filling up, will you be happy or satisfied with the results?  

The most decent answer is definitely not. But how can you say so? The reason is really quite simple. The following statements will somehow give you some knowledge based on facts.   

A small machine found from a hire store is usually small for some reasons. If it is too large, you will not be able to carry it or fit it inside your car. However, being so light and small means, the power source is limited. The size and the type of the cleaning machine surely give you better results.  

Primarily, the larger the cleaning machine, the heavier it is. It is because of the much bigger pumps and motors inside which give you more power allowing better and satisfying end results. As it increases its size and weight, it also increases the power even more, thus, it performs better in the worst conditions. In addition to that, there will be more heat, more water pressure, and more vacuum which leave the carpets much dryer, cleaner and brighter.  

Doing the carpet cleaning by yourself is good however, it sometimes gives you disadvantages. It also endangers the guests that are present in your home, your family, and even yourself. Here are some hidden dangers of doing carpet cleaning by yourself.  

  1. Damp carpets for longer days- causing foul smell
  2. Poor results- because of the lack of power source from a small machine
  3. Delaminated carpets- due to over wet carpets
  4. Browning discoloration- due to over wet carpets
  5. Building up of molds- because of the incorrect cleaning attempts
  6. Rapid re-soiling- due to a large amount of residue content which is left behind
  7. Shrinkage- due to excessive moisture

The real dangers are the mold spores that are being inhaled in which lead to certain health issues, as well as physically damaging your carpets. As a matter of fact, these are legitimate problems which arise because of these small machines. Therefore, in order to save some money, we need to hire professional carpet cleaners such as on this one, instead of cleaning your carpets all by yourself.  

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